A craigslist ad I saw.  Obviously scammy/scummy…

craigslist look for

Member of the 20 to 30s, check.  Entrepreneurial qualities.  Yeah.  Social media excitement?  2/3 is good enough.

“Bill Gates web portals”  That’s pretty advanced.  That’s actually really advanced.

Taking over Amazon in 5 to 7 years.  Taking over Walmart sounds cooler to the “Gen Y’s”.  Taking over Target…. naaaah.

A 20 year old company learned how to expand internationally and is confident they will overtake Amazon?  Where’s the excitement in that?

Yes, this sounds like it will be life changing.  Like you’ll wake up one day and realized six months of your life has passed by.

Hey, if you have an excuse why you don’t have a resume, we can get you for a cheaper price.  We’ll take whoever.  As long you’re a 20-30 year old trying to get rich, wants to be their own boss, and uses social media or the internet.  Anyone fall into that category???

3k to 5k possible in 18 months.  Hey 50 grand is possible.  But ya possibly won’t get too far in this crazy sounding operation.

Serious and Qualified individuals only.  No Gen Xers, please.


It’s been about a week since I purchased a portion of a BitCoin.  I’ve been doing a lot of BitCoin research and just stumbled onto a BitCoin news site with a familiar layout called Coinspotting.  One of the articles on Coinspotting sparked an interest and got me reading a little more into proxy servers.

I found that I could purchase a VPN service using BitCoins from VPN4ALL.com.  Pretty nice!  I made my purchase and about five or ten minutes later, it was accepted as “confirmed” across the BitCoin network.

Ten minutes is like the old dial-up days!  It will obviously get better as more people continue to adopt the currency and payment processors start lending out credit to make transactions more instant.

Anyone working on BitCoin startups in the York or Baltimore area?  My friend and I are interested in brainstorming ideas.